Workplace Culture is how employees’ hearts & stomachs feel about Monday morning… on Sunday night.

So much of what determines an employee’s performance in their work boils down to workplace culture. Whether or not your employee feels seen and heard within the company, and if they feel connected to their team’s ideals and shared goals. As we adjust to the new normal in our professional lives, more and more employers are realizing the importance of maintaining a positive workplace culture to prevent burnout, boost productivity, and increase employee retention. We know that investing in mental health wellness and boosting employee self-care strategies prevent long term negative impact in workplaces.

But what does it mean to have a positive workplace culture? As I see it, the foundation of a positive workplace culture is a trauma-informed workplace. 

A trauma-informed workplace recognizes employees as people who struggle, who experience burnout, who may carry trauma—and promotes wellness and support for their employees. An excellent way to provide this kind of support is through creative journaling. With journaling, employees are given the tools to process their experiences and cultivate their growth, improving their ability to manage potential stress in their work.

Creative Journaling for Employee Mental Wellness & Resilience teaches employees how to use journaling as a tool to reduce stress, encourage team cohesion, and offer practical application and solutions. 

Offering CJ for Employee Mental Wellness & Resilience encourages a –

  • Culture of Innovation. Of course, many companies claim to “be innovative”…
  • Culture of Transparency …
  • Culture of Empowerment …
  • Culture of Mutual Respect …
  • Culture of Fun…

This workshop can be offered as an onsite workshop, webinar, lunch & learn style, etc. 

As a Counselor, Author & Facilitator, my work is to support employee mental health and resilience, my trauma-informed instruction empowers employees to develop the tools they need to maintain mental wellness in demanding or relationship intense workplaces to prevent workplace stress or burn-out and promote a healthy workplace.

“Journaling is an effective way to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and increase emotional intelligence in the workplace… [and] can also be a useful tool for goal setting and achievement… which can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction.”

  — Corporate Wellness Magazine

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For teens, CJ: Just for Teens as well as CJ: The Promises of Recovery are also available.