WRITING Services

Nicolle offers artist friendly rates for script consultation. She has worked with many writers in new play development and offers a professional, informed & positive style to her dramaturgy.



Nicolle offers writing services & support to many, from new playwrights working on their first solo show, to established playwrights who are progressing to their next production draft, to seniors wanting to capture their family memoirs. She has worked closely with over 30 playwrights as since 2013 for Theatre One as Artistic Associate in their Emerging Voices program.

As a writer herself, she is in tune with the development process as well as having participated in many Writing groups & workshops through various organizations including, Vancouver Playwrights Theatre Centre, Playwrights Guild of Canada, Comedy writing for CBC radio as well as professional mentorships with playwrights. Nicolle is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Nicolle’s style of dramaturgical support is respectful, nurturing and positive. The writer’s vision and process are the priority when framing script feedback. Tuning in and listening to where the writer is at in process is essential. Her approach is compassionate as she places respect & honor the process of each writer as individual and unique.

“Nicolle Nattrass is a director and dramaturge with exquisite atunement, and high intuition, for the development of new material. Possesses the rare ability to help a writer dream out where they are headed, while not taking the lead, but leaving that to the author’s imagination. Marshaling actors towards masterful readings in a fraction of the time generally required, Nicolle keeps a sense of humour alive and flourishing in the room, along with a respect for actors and writers individual needs. Whatever Nicolle is paid or charged with… there oughta be more!” Playwright, David Gow

Script feedback is often framed not just in comments, micro & macro but in questions that guide the writer to progress further in development.


“As a playwright, I had a fulfilling experience working with Nicolle Nattrass. My journey with Nicole began with the initial kickstart she gave me as she encouraged me and assisted me from August through December in a dramaturgical role. She made herself available and  invested in my work through a series of emails , Zoom and phone meetings. Nicolle exercises an extraordinary sensitivity and clear vision to playrighting because she is a successful working actor, writer, director and facilitator. I now possess valuable knowledge that informs the next leg of my writing journey.”

Cheryl Mullen, Playwright

Feedback is available via email/ telephone/ Zoom/Skype. For script consultation/ dramaturgy, contact Nicolle directly. Minimum 2 hour initial rate to read/ depending on length of writing.