Creative Journaling: Self Care for Children

“75% of adult mental health problems begin during childhood. Childhood and Adolescence is a time when rapid growth and development take place in the brain.

Whether kids are facing trauma because of child abuse or loss of a family member or everyday anxiety they need even more support now—all amid a more significant shortage of children’s mental health resources”.

From 28.4, Oct. 2021 Global Child Mental Health Research: Time for the Children. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adult Psychiatry.

The Family Self Care Children’s Program (ages 4 and up) is a powerful Companion program that works hand in hand with your centre, facility  & organizations to uplift and support children and their connection to family through using creative journaling as a process and healing tool.

Creative Journaling is a soft place to land when feelings are too much,

and words are not enough.

CJ for Family Self-Care Webinars has been presented at: Family Institute of BC and was first created with the help of a Neighborhood Small Grant Program.

Benefits for children:


  • Safe place to express worry, fears, difficulties
  • Stimulates creative brain function and nurtures positive mental health
  • Builds emotional literacy skills & problem solving skills
  • Improves emotional intelligence, helps to identify and channel feelings
  • Actively engaging in making sense of their own experience, inner and outer world
  • Increase hope and reduce stress as creativity is an antidote to stress
  • Strengthens confidence in self expression

There are many benefits for Parents, Caregivers, Families:

  • Acquire the knowledge to care for and support children, using a trauma informed lens on how to use Creative Journaling as a key recovery, healing tool.
  • Through Journal examples used by parents & caregivers, learn how to help reduce children’s stress, build emotional literacy, resilience and support creative expression.
  • Facilitate authentic connection, establish trust and reinforce positive healthy communication.
  • Nurture a child’s process without the need for correction, judgment or instruction.
  • Understand the scientific research that supports the many benefits that Creative Processing has on the brain and to overall emotional, mental and physical wellness.
  • Using Journaling to help lessen social stress, the effects of trauma and difficult events.(surgeries, procedures, accidents, injuries etc)

The foundation of this work is published in my book, Just the Two of Us, A Soft Place for Tender Hearts to Land. (2020)

‘It is a beautiful resource, infused with so much heart.  I think it will serve as a life-line for many.  Kate Burns MSW, RSW

This CJ Program includes-

  • Full Module Curriculum* with Facilitator Outline
  • (2) 90-minute Webinar Trauma-informed Training for Counselors/Staff
  • (1) 60-minute Zoom Consultation, working with Team/Program Director for successful program outcomes
  • (1) Digital copy of book, Just the Two of Us
  • Client workbook, color worksheets
  • Option to add Family Self-Care Webinar for Parents
  • Email support during launch of CJ program
  • Yearly licensing fee that includes re-training for new staff

All curriculum for CJ Programs are developed & designed by Nicolle Nattrass, CAC II.
Many courses & programs have been approved by the CACCF.

One of the top 50 experts in the world in journaling, a member of the Journal Council at the International Association for Journal Writing. She continues to train professionals on how to use Creative Journaling to help heal trauma, addiction, family disconnection and to support all areas of recovery, with a focus on self-care. 

Author of Just the Two of Us, A Soft Place for Tender Hearts to Land, (Zebra Ink 2020).
She is also contributing author to the following books-

  • The Great Book of Journaling, How Journal Writing Can Support a life of wellness, creativity, meaning and purpose (Conari Press, 2022)
  •  The Coach’s Guide to Completing Creative Work (Routledge Press, 2022).
  •  Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients (Routledge Press, 2021)
  • You Are Not Alone, An Anthology of Perinatal Mental Health Stories (Wintertickle Press, 2020)

TO BOOK Webinars or Onsite Workshops