Creative Journaling for your Recovery


Creative Journaling for your Recovery

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Creative Journaling for your Recovery

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Led by Certified Addiction Counselor, Nicolle Nattrass this course & program was created in 2013 and designed for families and for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, whether new or long term recovery. 

A trauma-informed approach to journaling that is accessible, does not require writing experience and promotes creative self-care and reclaiming joy. The focus is on Self-care, using journaling as an outlet and window into self- grounding tool, prevention and awareness tool and uncover and reclaim creative interests through journaling.

Curriculum includes writing techniques, how to use writing prompts, touchstones and affirmations to improve and support recovery choices.  Whether you are in recovery from a loss, trauma, stress from Covid-19 or addiction, Journaling is a powerful tool to ground us now. This course is also a great fit for those in treatment, Alumni or Aftercare program.

No writing experience is required. 

Since 2013, this program has impacted various organizations & groups including-

Renascent Treatment (residential/Continuing care- abstinence 12 step based program)

Cedars at Cobble Hill (residential/holistic therapeutic in drug/alcohol & process addictions)


“Discipline to conquer the fear of self reflection seems less of a ‘brick wall’ now and I have begun to use the index cards to quickly scribble notes and set my mind to better creative thought” Joanna M.

This course opened up a new door for me while I was in treatment for substance misuse, it grounded me as I had to deal with a lot of past pain” John B.

“I feel like I have more tools to handle my feelings, navigate my recovery and for the first time, I felt inspired to start the Artists Way” Sue F.

” I found Nicolle’s workshop most empowering: it unleashed a torrent of creative energy for me. A lot of good practical advice as well that grounded me in my recovery. Would highly recommend the experience” Kim B.

THIS COURSE is for you~

  1. self-paced, low time commitment & easy to follow guidance delivered every week in your email inbox
  2. you or your family members have completed an initial treatment, counselling or recovery program (includes all modalities)
  3. you want to nurture and support your recovery through positive self-care, personal growth and exploration of recovery topics.
  4. you would benefit from motivation & inspiration to re-discover your passion, creativity and hobbies while in recovery.
  5. you would benefit from a check in with a counselor (30 min) at any time in the duration of this course.

Course includes: 30 pages of color workbook, 30 minute complimentary guided telephone session (Optional) with Instructor/ Addiction Counselor, Nicolle Nattrass and further Workshop resources and support.

Each MODULE includes:

  • an introduction with a theme and lesson
  • accessible, easy to use writing prompts & exercises that support your personal & positive growth
  • learning how to use journaling as a grounding & preventative relapse tool and to strengthen recovery whether it be from a behavior/substance. etc.
  • creative exploration that does not require huge commitment or supplies but rather is fun and exploratory
  • access to at any time during the 4 weeks courses, support for your recovery in a one on one session with myself, Addiction counselor.