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Beyond an extensive professional career in Theatre,  Nicolle earned her professional certification with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification in 2007 as an Addiction Counselor CAC II(1442-07).

During Covid, she has been focused on advocating for mental wellness & resilience for artists.(Theatre/film/tv) as well as immersed in professional development and training, as an Intimacy Professional/IC/ID with Principal Intimacy Professionals focusing on mental wellbeing & with Indigenous author & teacher, Elaine Alec in her Cultivating Safe Spaces certification. Nicolle is a featured author in the new book,  The Coach’s Guide to Completing Creative Work Routledge Publishing, 2023. 

She is currently based on Vancouver Island in Lantzville and grateful to live, work and create on the unceded territory of the Snaw’naw’as Mustimuxw  people.

“In her capacity as a coach, she has really coached me through some difficult times. Nicolle has a truly divine gift of hearing the core story of the moment, and knowing whether to ask questions and go deeper, or to simply hold space for emotions to move through. She has offered continuous, compassionate support during my times of need and is a true conduit for healing energy to move through.”

Rebecca Savoie B.Sc.

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Nicolle has been employed as an Addiction counselor & Creative Journaling Facilitator by a variety of agencies including-

  • Westcare, Florida US
  • DEVA Digital Training & Staffing Solutions, Vancouver island BC
  • Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Certification Trainings, Toronto ON
  • Verbal Beginnings, Maryland US
  • Department of Fisheries & Oceans, Pacific Region, Nanaimo BC
  • Natural Resources Training Group, Nanaimo BC
  • The Healing Institute at Forbidden Plateau, Courtenay BC
  • Renascent, Toronto ON
  • Salvation Army Homestead, Scarborough ON
  • Cedars at Cobble Hill, Cobble Hill BC
  • Edgewood Treatment Centre, Nanaimo BC
  • Vancouver Coastal Health, North Vancouver BC
  • 2017 BC Art Therapy Conference, Vancouver BC
  • Pacific PostPartum Support Society, Burnaby BC
  • Avalon Women’s Centre, Vancouver BC

Nicolle worked for 4.5 years as an Addiction Counselor with Renascent Treatment Centre (residential drug & alcohol treatment centre) in downtown Toronto. Working front-line, in admissions, leading group educational sessions during treatment, one on one counseling sessions as well as After Care programs for Alumni.

She gratefully dedicates the beginning of her career as a counselor to Betty Walker, former manager of Munro House, Renascent for offering her a  unique professional mentorship.

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All the tools you need to engage your creative muscles. Accessible & with guidance can prove to be beneficial, rewarding and healing for mental, emotional and physical health. Yes, physical health benefits.

Through the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, Nicolle has worked to create nurturing and professional environments where journaling and creativity are explored safely, as a container for self-expression, growth and healing. Journaling has the power to be both a window into ourselves and an outlet, to inspire, renew and motivate. This transformative power is the essence of Creative Journaling. In 2014, the work culminated in the development of a workbook and her own unique Creative Journaling courses as well as working one on one with clients, using journaling as a tool to connect to improve self-care and explore the process and approach to Creative Self-Care.

I came to the Creative Journaling for Self-Care course at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were being told to shelter in place. I found myself with a lot of anxiety and fear and too much time on my hands for thinking. Nicolle’s engaging and warm style and her gentle encouragement was just what I needed. Her course allowed me to find a place of calm and creativity amid a storm of crazy. In addition, the 30-minute one-on-one session proved to be invaluable – Nicolle urged me to open up to the idea of creating based on images instead of words, and that is not only fun but a welcome relief from all the words around us all the time. Thank you Nicolle!”   Robin Briggs, Philadelphia, US




Nicolle is co-creator and facilitator of a retreat, Live Your Best Story. As Creative Self-Care coach she co-facilitates with founder, Tina Overbury in this 3 day transformational weekend, for personal and professional development held at the Rolling Earth Farm & Retreat.


Thanks to all who joined us at LYBS August 2022 in Seattle


-“I was blessed to have met Nicolle about 5 years ago on a retreat where she introduced me to Creative Journaling. I have always loved the idea of journaling and understood the mindfulness benefit but pulling the trigger and becoming a “daily journaler” was insurmountable and guilt-ridden for me. Enter Nicolle. Enter the idea that words on a page arranged in horizontal lines is not the only way to journal. Colours. Shapes. Drawings. Repetition. Scrapbook-style. What does a daily expression of self-communication look like to me? Brilliant. Easy. Guilt-free. ”