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Nicolle’s professional expertise is a result of her distinct and unique careers in Theatre (Acting, Writing, Performing, Teaching) and Counseling (Individual Coaching/Group facilitation)

What I Offer

Creative Journaling Programs & Courses

CACCF approved courses, workbooks & trauma-informed curriculum to reduce stress and improve self-care and purpose.

Theatre Workshops

New Webinars & onsite workshops available on Dramaturgy, Solo Show Development, New Play Creation, Characterization, Acting improv and more for all ages.

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Presenter & Facilitator, specializing in Keynotes using humor to advocate for healing and wellnesss. Mamahood: A New Frontier, Creative Journaling for Self-Care.

Touring Theatre Shows

Acclaimed solo show, Mamahood: Bursting into Light featured at festivals and theatres across Canada.

New Solo Show: Suddenly 50…


Tender-hearted Coach/Addiction Counselor CAC II

Helping all achieve personal, professional & artistic transformation through the exploration of Creative Self-Care.

Writing Services

Over 15 years experience offering professional and informed script consultation, support & dramaturgy.


Active Clients

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee


“Working with Nicolle as a co-creator and facilitator of the Live Your Best Story Retreat for the past five years has been enlightening, deeply nourishing and is always fun. As a co-facilitator she seamlessly moves between leading from the front and transitioning to leading from the behind. Nicolle’s highly intuitive and life-affirming approach honours the unique and sensitive needs of each person she supports. An exceptional somatic listener, skilled yet organic, direct yet subtle, and above all, is a supreme joy to learn from.”


Tina Overbury

CEO PowHerhouse, LYBS Founder

I invited Nicolle Nattrass to deliver her Creative Journaling for Self-Care Workshop in Module 2 for DEVA Accelerator , 20 Week Online Training Program because it offers a transformative experience that every DEVA should have. The feedback that I received from the graduates of the DEVA program was clear. Nicolle’s ability to guide participants through the process of self-expression and reflection using various creative journaling techniques is unparalleled. With her insightful prompts and gentle encouragement, Nicolle creates a safe place for deep exploration and personal growth. This workshop helps others to tap into their emotions and prioritize self-care in a truly meaningful way“.


Sharon Marshall

CE0/ FOUNDER, DEVA- Digital Training & Staffing Solutions

“I am grateful for the journaling course. Nicolle is loving, supportive, encouraging and a wonderful teacher and counselor.”

Amisson Counseling & Addiction Recovery Services

Heather Amisson


I came to the Creative Journaling for Self-Care course at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were being told to shelter in place. I found myself with a lot of anxiety and fear and too much time on my hands for thinking. Nicolle’s engaging and warm style and her gentle encouragement was just what I needed. Her course allowed me to find a place of calm and creativity amid a storm of crazy. In addition, the 30-minute one-on-one session proved to be invaluable – Nicolle urged me to open up to the idea of creating based on images instead of words, and that is not only fun but a welcome relief from all the words around us all the time. Thank you Nicolle!

Robin Briggs, Philadelphia, US

Robin Briggs



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