Mental Health & Trauma-informed PRaCtitioner


Tender-Hearted Revolution

Sometimes, it takes the strength of revolution to keep our hearts tender. 

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In a time of restoration and repair after a series of complex compounded traumas (including Covid 19, Black lives matter, climate change, Truth and Reconciliation to name just a few), and in an ever evolving landscape of reparations that are in right relationship with the harm done, the need for more care for mental wellbeing is clear.

Trauma-informed Care is KEY

Psychological safety within workplaces requires education, awareness & training in order to take a closer look at decolonizing through practicing trauma-informed approaches in our communication, relationships and process tools.

I am continuing to learn about how best to “Cultivate Safer Spaces” whether it be with individuals,  in business or the arts.


I am a lifelong learner and will continue to whether I am working as a Dramaturge, Director, Actor (CAEA/UBCP), Playwright (PGC), facilitator or Counselor (CAC II) to reinforce, integrate and support mental wellness and creative expression. This journey began for me,  when I received my addiction counseling certification in 2007, CAC II CCPC Global and started to offer courses and training  as a CACCF Approved CEU Course Provider.

During Covid, I began to specialize in reaching theatre & film/tv artists during Covid, sharing my knowledge & culmination of both careers in order to serve, to uplift, support and offer a more heart centered coaching & counseling service.

One of my coaching processes I call,  “Cycle of Creative Care” is a 3 phase cycle that I designed that works to move at the speed and rhythm for each individual or group.

I am excited to be a featured author in this new book, The Coach’s Guide to Completing Creative Work with my chapter,  ” The Show must go on: so must the Process.” (Routledge Publishing, 2023, edited by Eric Maisel and Lynda Monk.)

Watch Video Testimonial from Coaching Client (shared with permission) on my Youtube channelhere

“Nicolle was one of my early mentors and coaches when I was a young teen and just starting my film and television journey. She taught me how to protect my artistic energy. I felt that I was so bombarded by intense rules of the business and how to look and how to break into it that I often thought of the art form as secondary, but I loved that Nicolle kept the focus on creative expression. That still guides me today and I am grateful to have encountered her compassionate approach early on in my career.” Jacki Gunn, Actor, Comedian, Writer


My work in a post Covid world is grounded in a trauma-informed, authentic and creative foundation that unites my clinical certification and skills with my first-hand professional creative career path to help others achieve-




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  • My Professional ethos with credit to current prof. development webinars & teachers, I learn & train with including Elaine Alec, Nicole Brewer, Kathi Camilleri including topics on anti-racism, cultivating safe space protocols and trauma-informed practises. I am current and up to date with Professional Liability Insurance Provider.
  •  I am excited to share that I am currently enrolled in Principal Intimacy Professionals, Launchpad Training Phase One, a 16 week Online course for those interested in learning more about Intimacy Professional for film/tv/theatre. 
  • I offer consultations, workshops as well as One on One Coaching sessions using a counselor’s lens, listening for the spoken and unspoken, nurturing solutions and next steps for you to increase creativity, clarity, self-care, boost confidence and move forward with goals.
  • Monthly Employee Mental Wellness & Resilience Groups now also available.
  • Customized Action plan to focus your personal, professional and artistic goals using the 3 Phases in The Cycle of Creative Care.
  • Deeper understanding, new tools, strategies to prevent stress, burn-out and current resources that support healing, longevity & productivity.

    View Current Resume PDF here- MHTIP 2024

Individual Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Hourly rate available. Sliding scale & exchange of services available when applicable.

CAEA/ACTRA/UBCP Members receive 40% discount as of Feb. 1/2021.


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