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Tender-Hearted Revolution


During early Covid, I fell into reflection time as many of my Live events were cancelled. I began to think of many of us who work in Theatre & the Arts facing huge transitions, having lost work or now unable to work. 
When I lived in Toronto, I lived one block away from the Al and Malka Green Artists Health Centre, the only clinic of its kind in Canada that specializes in serving the entire artistic community. I was fortunate to be able to access the services and to be able to be supported in a unique way that was artist centered.
This time of reflection for myself during the pandemic has allowed me to identify what is important to me and what I bring, whether an actor, counselor, playwright or workshop facilitator. I discovered that the essential element for me has been to honor the tender hearts I work with.  This is what I bring to whatever I do as I have learned how to take care of my own tender heart as an artist. I know from first-hand experience that sometimes, it takes the strength of revolution to keep our hearts tender. 
I want to create more heart centered & artist centered support in the world and I can do so in many ways. I was challenged by a business performance coach to spend some time writing to see if I could articulate the “process” of what I do… To put into words, to name and to identify this process became what I call a “Cycle of Creative Care”.
 This Cycle of Creative Care is a 3 Phase Process that can help families, artists, individuals, groups and organizations to remain healthy, whole and vibrant.
A foundation grounded in a trauma-informed, authentic and creative approach which unites my clinical certification and skills with my first-hand professional creative path to help others achieve

 Sometimes it takes strength & the power of a revolution to keep your heart

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  • A customized Action plan to focus your personal, professional and artistic goals using the Cycle of Care: Phase 1 Uncover/Discover, Phase 2 Recover/Redefine & Phase 3 Emerge/Expand
  • Deeper understanding, new tools, strategies and resources to support longevity & productivity

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