Creative Journaling:

Self-Care for the Helping Professional

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CJ: Self-Care for the Helping Professional


Renew your Focus, Reduce your Stress

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*This Course is approved by the CACCF for 6 hours of Continuing Education Units, Certificate issued.

Nicolle Nattrass is a CACCF Approved Ceu Course Provider, this course meets the GLOBAL CRITERIA for 12 Core Functions from the CACCF Standards & Certification Manual for Addiction Counselors. The Core Functions addressed are Treatment Planning, Counseling, Case Management, Client Education and Consultation. 

Employees and Employers.

All of us are helping professionals in the worksplace.

This course/webinar/workshop is designed to support employee wellness, through a comprehensive look, using a trauma-informed lens, at the research, the benefits and the powerful impact of journaling as a healing resource.

Every employee can benefit from focusing on journaling for Self-Care. You don’t need to work as a clinician, nurse or social worker but if you are, you have the opportunity to pass some of these tools on along with sharing your hands-on experience in Journaling to help a present or future client.

The therapeutic value of Journaling has been much talked about, we know also through scientific research that the act of writing opens new neural pathways in the brain. This powerful tool, Journaling, is literally at our fingertips, to help us maintain healthy balance, prevent secondary trauma, reduce cumulative stress and improve a more positive mental outlook.  

Past Clients/Organizations include:


Give your Employees new tools to manage stress, build resilience and promote mental wellness.

Creative Journaling is a key integration tool that acts as a window into Self, a safe container and outlet to process, reduce stress, increase awareness that fuels the forward movement in everything we do.

This course was designed by addiction counselor CAC II, Journal Council Member with the International Association for Journaling Writing, Author and one of the top 50 experts on Journaling. Nicolle Nattrass began creating CJ Programs in 2013 while working frontline as an addiction counselor with a treatment centre in downtown Toronto.

This course explores a trauma-informed approach, a variety of journal writing techniques, exercises on how to use Journaling as key process, integration and healing tool.

The “Creative Journaling: Self-Care for the Helping Professional” course helped me expand my mind on the many different ways we can express our thoughts, feelings and deepest fears in a very mindful and intentional way. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the content to be thoughtful, intelligent and creative. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking the opportunity to make time for self-reflection, introspection and personal and professional growth.

Frances Stone, Counselor Coast Mental Health

6 CEUS/ CACCF Certificate issued upon completion

This course is available in many formats

  • Onsite Workshop at your office/location as a 6 hour course delivered to fit your schedule.
  • Online Webinar via Zoom that can be 90 minutes or a weekly “Lunch & Learn series” 45-50 min per week for 6 weeks.
  • Monthly Self-Care series for Employees
  • E-course, 6 Week e-course delivered to your inbox, includes One 30 min Consultation.
  • Course includes: Printable color worksheets, 30 minute Consultation with Instructor/Addiction Counselor Nicolle Nattrass.

 Each Module includes:

  • an introduction to the theme and lesson
  • printable color worksheets
  • new writing techniques to add to your professional and personal tool-kit
  • articles & references from leading professionals (counselors/nurse/doctors) on using journaling in their work with clients
  • writing prompts & exercises to both support and stretch your boundaries
  • creativity challenges to help discover simple creativity as an incredibly powerful anecdote to stress
  • optional one on one session with myself, Addiction counselor to discuss journaling work.
  • CACCF Certificate issued/ 6 CEUS

The focus of this course is Journaling to boost SELF-CARE.

Through accessible journaling techniques and exercise to explore your creativity.  This is a great opportunity to unplug and reconnect with yourself, strengthening resiliency against secondary trauma, cumulative stress and service burn out.

Through the use of writing tools, we will use our journals  as a tool to reduce stress, to rediscover focus, direction and set goals to identify, inspire and motivate your life forward.

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