With over 25 years of performing professionally as an actor, she brings expertise in vocal training (BFA in Theatre University of Victoria), comedic timing, infectious and immediate ability to captivate your audience.

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Because your first trip to motherhood can feel like your visiting another world

Nicolle Nattrass is changing the conversation around Maternal Mental health issues for mothers & bringing awareness to all helping professionals who provide care for them.

“A one hour keynote address that took the audience through her poignant, relatable and often emotional experience of pregnancy, labour and becoming a mother for the first time. Mamahood touched on themes of expectation, trauma, transition and post-partum mood changes.
Sarah Holmes, Gabriola Sounder

This keynote is so well done – opens a real/relevant dialogue – I hope it sees lots more interest. It is truly brilliant playwriting – loves the added quirky sound bites. “
-Michelle Backe, 2019

Nicolle Nattrass is a Jessie Award-nominated playwright and actress – and mother – who courageously shares her journey of becoming a new mother at the age of 40. From initial idyllic dreams of motherhood and the pressure to choose a stylish diaper bag, to her real struggle to become the “perfect mom,” her years of sleep deprivation, and her own eye-opening Post-Partum experience.  Both funny and profoundly moving.Her theatrical play, Mamahood: Bursting into Light has been performed across Canada with the support & endorsement from Pacific Post-Partum Support Society.

“In a time when the stigma around mental health issues prevents many from speaking out, her journey is like so many stories that I hear from mothers who think they are “the only one”. She is not only breaking down stigma and barriers she is also doing it in an honest, emotional and sometimes hilarious performance. I recommend this to all new moms, dads, parents, grandparents and anyone who has a “mom”, it validates the experience of motherhood in a way that truly shows the ups and downs as well as the amazing journey that we all embark on when we become parents, she shares with us the joys and the sorrows and ultimately the healing of some of those really difficult parts.”

-Sheila Duffy, Executive Director,
Pacific Post-Partum Support Society

This Keynote is 60 minutes in length with Talk-back/ Q & A afterwards. A perfect opportunity to host a talk-back panel with doctors, mid-wives and health care professionals and connect community directly to needed resources.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • Greater skills to discuss and address maternal mental health issues
  • Clarity about signs and symptoms of post-partum depression, anxiety and PPTSD
  • A list of resources that support wellness
  • Reduced stigma and judgement
  • Feeling inspired to take action and speak out
  • An understanding of barriers and an “insider’s” perspective
  • Ideas how to help someone accept assistance
  • OPTIONAL Question & Answer period

Ideal for events with themes of birth, self-care, pre-natal, post-partum care, pregnancy, health and mental wellness, public health, counseling & psychiatry.

Ideal audience: Doctors, counselors, mothers, grandparents, co-parents, healthcare professionals, nurses, public health care educators, social workers, doulas, midwives & foster parents.

“An estimated 1 out of every 6 women and 1 out of every 10 men experiences troubling depression or anxiety after the birth or adoption of a child. This is referred to as postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD/A) and can be a tremendously stressful time for the family. PPD/A is often characterized by despondency, emotional instability, anger, guilt, tearfulness, worrying, anxious thoughts or images, feelings of inadequacy and the inability to cope. It may occur shortly after the arrival of a new baby or many months later.”

-From website
Pacific Post-Partum Support Society




MAY 25, 2019

2:00 p.m.

Gabriola Island Community Hall


Sponsored by the Gabriola Health Care Foundation and the Gabriola Health and Wellness Collaborative. Funded through a grant from the BC College of Family Physicians. Child care is provided during this event.

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Nicolle’s powerful Keynote, Connecting to our Story within shares the impact of journaling on our brains, health and wellness.
This Keynote speaks to anyone and everyone who has picked up a pen and paper to write. Nicolle shares why journaling is an essential tool in our mental health.

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Delivered as part of PowHERtalks
November 14, 2015 in Sechelt BC.

KEYNOTE: A Parent’s Journey

Nicolle is in process of creating a new Keynote presentation to support awareness of PTSD in children and to advocate for treatment opportunities in BC.

More information coming soon.