Just The Two Of Us



Sample Excerpt from the BOOK

Just the Two of Us: A Soft Place for Tender Hearts to Land

by Nicolle Nattrass CAC II

‘It is a beautiful resource, infused with so much heart.  I think it will serve as a life-line for many.  Kate Burns MSW, RSW

“This is a beautiful and honouring – and authentic – resource.”  Marie Valenti

Her approach to creative journaling for children allows for an experiential therapeutic outlet for children and their caregivers and can be easily facilitated within the therapeutic setting. Her trauma-informed approach could be used for a broad range of children, youth and families.  This tool allows the individual to connect and process stress, anxiety, and trauma when feelings can be overwhelming and access to words are difficult. I use this resource to offer parents that unique connection to their child’s inner world so that healing is possible for everyone. Thank you Nicolle for mindfully bringing your body of work into this world. I will continue to use this timeless resource for many years to come.” Angela Slade, MA, RCC, CMHIMP



A tender-hearted guide on how to use Creative Journaling as a key recovery tool to help children (age 4 and up) to connect and process stress, anxiety, trauma. A trauma-informed approach to using Creative Journaling as a soft place to land when feelings are too much, and words are not enough.
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Just The Two of Us


Journal Kit

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Foreword by the Author

Writing this book has been in the back of my mind since 2017 but when Covid-19 hit, I felt compelled to revisit, write and release a sample chapter to those in my circle, personally and professionally, as soon as possible with the hope of being able to reach and help children.

The response from the shared sample chapter has been extremely positive. Within a few days of releasing it I received this email:

“I am very grateful for the gift of this new tool Nicolle. All this to say, a form of journaling has taken root in our house.
Attached is an image my son, Gabe, created from a week ago today (the “Virus” – just in case you don’t recognize it).
Thank you so much for your work to create this guide.”
 Alyssa M.

Photo credit: Alyssa Melynk.

The positive responses fueled me to complete the book, in spite of the many challenges I faced — writing deadlines, juggling homeschool, maintaining my son’s routines, shifting my work schedules to do so and dealing with fluctuating income with Covid-19 cancellations.  I want to thank all who responded during those initial days, including BC Inclusion, counselors, healers (you know who you are) and Sheila Kennedy (Zebra Ink) for her unwavering support and encouragement in putting this out now.  Thank you also to my writing circles during Covid-19, Tina, Sharon, Dori, Jimmy, Shannon and Amy. Special thanks to my mother, Madeleine Nattrass for her time and care working with me through many initial drafts. 

I dedicate this guide to my son who is my greatest teacher and also to my grandfathers, who took such good care of my tender heart.