Creative Journaling: The Promises of Recovery

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Creative Journaling: The Promises of Recovery, a powerful program for adults

Past Clients who have benefitted from CJ: Promises of Recovery Workshops & Webinars:

Now, more than ever, it is recognized through research and scientific studies to be powerful, healing and transformative.

Creative Journaling has a profound effect on the brain-

  • building resiliency
  • positive mental health
  • reducing stress 
  • improving neuroplasticity in the brain and heal cognitive impairments
  • Creativity is a powerful antidote to stress and a powerful transformative tool

“From a neurobiological focus, there is direct benefit in the writing process. Badenoch (2008) suggested that expressive techniques help clients embody their full experiences (ideas and emotions) and writing allows a therapeutic process that facilitates a reciprocal exchange of understanding.”

Resource Article published,6:29–41, 2011 in Journal of Creativity in Mental Health,

“The Therapeutic Use of Journaling with Adolescents”  by Allison Utley and Yvonne Garza,  Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, US.

CJ: The Promises of Recovery, a Powerful Companion Program offers your center, a 6 module trauma-informed curriculum that helps your clients to integrate their treatment fully that results in more successful outcomes while in your care. This program i ncludes a comprehensive 6-module trauma-informed curriculum, workbook for clients as well as training with for Counselors and staff.

Journaling is a TOOL for life with many benefits that include-

✔ Prevention Recovery tool                                                   ✔ Builds interpersonal & relationship skills
✔Allows deeper integration while in treatment                ✔ Encourages Self-care & self-responsibility
✔ Lessens Feelings of Anxiety                                               ✔ Regulates Emotions and Promotes Inner Peace
✔ Improves problem solving skills                                      ✔ Brings About a Sense of Accomplishment

Developed by Nicolle Nattrass CAC II, Addiction Counselor, Author, CACCF Approved Ceu Course Provider, Maternal Mental health advocate & Keynote Speaker.

Impact & Client Success are my reasons WHY.

The joy in uplifting others through this program-

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✍Trauma informed curriculum and staff training

✍Facilitation outlines and client workbooks

✍Yearly renewal fee that includes updated training.

A trauma-informed approach is key.

When Counselors receive training on how to use the therapeutic application of Creative Journaling with clients, it sets the foundation for positive outcomes.

This is critical, as there are many issues that arise that require knowledge to assist clients, especially when it comes to literacy or other barriers, including school based trauma.

Trauma-informed training is required. Therefore, prior to launching this program at your centre, whether it be residential, outpatient or aftercare, your team will receive training from Nicolle Nattrass as well as ongoing support. This personalized instruction is tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility and clients.

Training with your Center includes:

  • (2-3) 90-minute Webinar Training for Counselors/Staff
  • (2) 60-minute Zoom Consultations, working with Team Leader/Supervisor/Program Director to effectively adapt program to centre’s needs, for maximum program outcomes
  • Full Curriculum / Workbook for Clients
  • Facilitator Outline for Facilitators/Counselors
  • Yearly renewal licensing fee that includes 2 Webinar Trainings for new staff & updated research materials

In all of the work Nicolle does, she values creating environments where tenderhearted conversations can be held and where a trauma-informed lens leads.

One of the top 50 experts in the field, Nicolle’s courses & programs have been approved by the CACCF and she continues to train professionals on how to use Creative Journaling to help heal trauma, addiction, family disconnection and to support all areas of recovery, with a focus on self-care.


Nicolle specializes in Creative Self-care and will design a program using Creative Journaling techniques to help you move forward, closer to your personal and professional goals.

Through consultation via Zoom Meeting conference, we identify current needs, blocks and goals, customize a journaling program for you to be able to move forward to reach those goals. Weekly writing exercises with practical applications, coaching/ specialized consultations with myself using Zoom meeting. 

Tender-hearted Revolution Coaching information here.

(Duration of program can vary, depending on individual needs and goals.)

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To view more about Nicolle’s work in the world using Creativity and Journaling, visit her YouTube Channel, here.

But Wait, THere’s More!

Nicolle is an approved CEU Course Provider with CACCF. (Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation)

She is also a proud member of the Journal Council for the International Association for Journal Writing.

The IAJW Journal Council is a group of dynamic experts comprised of the top thinkers–the movers and the shakers in the world of journal writing.

Why Journal Now?

Journaling is now at the forefront of proven scientific research and evidence of how journaling can benefit our emotional, mental and physical health through studying its effects on the brain.

Want To Be Inspired?

Take a second to read this article that so beautifully sums up the powerful impact when we engage pen to paper.

Scientific Studies show how writing in a journal can benefit your emotional and physical well being states that, “lead researcher, James W. Pennebaker (University of Texas) and author of Writing to Heal has found that by translating our experiences into our own language by writing it out, we are able to make the experience more comprehendible. Emotional upheavals touch every part of our lives. You don’t just lose a job, you don’t just get divorced. These things affect all aspects of who we are — our financial situation, our relationships with others, our views of ourselves…writing helps us focus and organize the experience.”

What My Creative Journaling Programs Offer

  • Learn practical applications to help uncover and discover your own best self-care practice.
  • Experience journaling techniques that been scientifically proven & researched to improve reduce stress and improve health & wellness.
    Fun, go at your own pace, no expensive supplies needed.
  • Re-discover creative expression in a safe, nurturing way.
  • Receive a 30 minute consultation/coaching session with myself, free of charge within duration of your course
  • Practical applications to help discover your own best self-care practice.
  • A program that has been researched, piloted and designed to support individual discovery, recovery and healing.

What Clients ARE SAYING

“I enjoyed your approach Nicolle , providing a very accepting , safe , empathetic space for people to share . It was an interesting four weeks of self discovery for me! Thank-you for the experience .”         -Terry Harding

“Your course was an absolute breath of fresh air! Thank you truly!”
Sue S.

“Freeing, challenging, inspiring, motivating I give it 5/ 5.”
-Arvon Brunt.

“I was blessed to have met Nicolle. I have always loved the idea of journaling and understood the mindfulness benefit but pulling the trigger and becoming a “daily journaler” was insurmountable and guilt-ridden for me. Enter Nicolle. Enter the idea that words on a page arranged in horizontal lines is not the only way to journal. Colours. Shapes. Drawings. Repetition. What does a daily expression of self-communication look like to me? Brilliant. Easy. Guilt-free. ”
Rebecca Savoie BSc.

“I was experiencing grief with the loss of friends, family and clients. The timing was so supportive for my journey and I continue today to practice journaling on a daily basis, as it does not require a lot of time. For anyone interested in learning a new tool to support your recovery or the stress from our career in the helping field I strongly encourage this gift of journaling. Nicolle is loving, supportive and encouraging and a wonderful teacher and counselor.”        -Heather Amisson ICADC, Family Counselor Renascent.

CJ: Employee Mental Wellness & Resilience

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