Nicolle continues to expand her skills as a Director & Assistant Director by working with new playwrights and emerging plays in new Canadian productions.

She has worked as a Director/Dramaturg in Theatre One’s Emerging Voices program, as a Director & Dramaturg since 2013.


“Nicolle Nattrass is a director and dramaturge with exquisite atunement, and high intuition, for the development of new material. Possesses the rare ability to help a writer dream out where they are headed, while not taking the lead, but leaving that to the author’s imagination. Marshaling actors towards masterful readings in a fraction of the time generally required, Nicolle keeps a sense of humour alive and flourishing in the room, along with a respect for actors and writers individual needs. Whatever Nicolle is paid or charged with… there oughta be more!” Playwright, David Gow



  • 2023 New Waves Festival, Western Edge Theatre 
  • 2021 Dramaturg for O My God written & performed by Tina Overbury. 
  • 2021 Dramaturg for Annahareo written by Anne Nesbitt.
  • 2021 Dramaturg/Script Consultant for How Healing Happens Podcast with Benjamin Smith and Willow Smith.
  • 2020 Dramaturg for FEED the FIRE written & performed by
    Charlene Sanjenko of PowHERhouse.

As a Theatre Director, Nicolle had the honour of working on a new solo show, Shield Maiden written and performed by Melanie Froh Teichrob and taking this solo show to debut in New York for the 2019 United Solo Festival! The world’s largest solo festival. It was an incredible experience and Shield Maiden has gone on to perform at numerous festivals, including the Frontera Festival in Austin, Texas and at the Phoenix Theatre at the Haven on Gabriola Island.  Working with Melanie Froh Teichrob, a fearless performer and talented playwright (PGC) as both Dramaturg and Director was a highlight of my theatre career.

“Nicolle is a highly skilled, laser focused and professional dramaturg and director. What makes her impressive is her endless sense of possibility and play and her “what if” approach to problem solving. This is especially effective and encouraging in those moments that feel blocked, uncreative and just plain hard. Every playwright and/or actor knows those moments. She trusted my process when I couldn’t and always found a way to take me deeper into my story, my character and my truth. “

-Melanie Teichroeb,
Playwright, Actor Shield Maiden

Nicolle’s passion as a Director is to support new plays, her own experience writing and performing her work allows her strengths to be utilized and to create a positive, nurturing & respectful environment to work in. Supporting the development of new plays & the nurturing of actors are two areas that Nicolle is passionate about.

Nicolle enjoys working collaboratively as an Assistant Director and is incredibly grateful for her first opportunity in 2002 to work as an Assistant Director at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa on “Bea’s Niece” by David Gow in Ottawa.

Locally (Vancouver Island), she has worked as a co-director with Headliner’s School of Performing Arts, co-directing the students performance of the musical, Chicago. She worked as an Assistant Director with the Nanaimo Theatre Group’s production of “God of Carnage” which won Best Production at the 2014 Theatre BC Mainstage Awards and their production of “Bus stop” which swept the 2015 Mainstage Awards with 10 awards, including Best Director.

Nicolle has worked as a Workshop Director as well with Theatre BC’s new play festival winner with Leaping Thespian’s production of “Once Upon A Lesbian” and Special Merit Prize Winner, Harold Rheinsch’s new play, “Pox!“. at the 2008 Theatre B.C. National Playwriting Competition.

New Directing projects are always a possibility…