These days I feel a sense of urgency and a need to assert what I find to be the best tool to overcome fear: TRUTH.

But, with the onslaught of information that overwhelms our feeds everyday, it can be difficult for the truth to cut through.

In order to combat the mental overload, we need truth boosts—bite-sized solutions that can be integrated easily, and quickly, backed by research and science.

We need accessible tools that take only five minutes, but carry a powerful and lasting impact.

We need to embrace truth in our workspaces, and we need it now. Employers need it, artists need it, kids need it. 

More and more in these recent years, we can all agree that mental health matters, that we are all impacted by it at different times in our lives.

I see more and more campaigns calling for increased awareness—employers sharing at conferences, presentations where I can look out at a sea of nodding heads.

Always with a palpable feeling in the room of yes, yes, yes, we need this more than ever; then… weeks go by, with no action and no follow up.

Why does this happen? Certainly there are varied and complex reasons within each industry, but there is one factor that we can collectively name—fear. Fear and shame, fear of the unknown, fear of change. Fear of anything new. Fear of doing it differently.

Even in more “creative” industries, there will always be a status quo, something that we will reflexively defend and justify, without even being conscious of it. “What will this mean to the schedule? Why can’t we do it the way we’ve always done it? How dare you ask for anything else?”

This impulse to stuff it down and get to work is a symptom of the deeply rooted colonial systems in which we live—and in order to disrupt these systems and support mental and physical health for all, we first have to identify what is holding us back from such disruption. Is it fear? Is it internalized violence? Are folks just inundated with too much? Too many instagram reels? It seems harder and harder each day to protect our mental and physical health.

This is why I aim to offer a different perspective with truth boosts. Instead of focusing more on the problem, I want to focus more on bite-sized solutions. 

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Stay tuned for more Truth Boosts.