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The mental health  of children and the families that care for them is key as the pandemic continues.

Families and children are struggling to process stress, anxiety and trauma.

There is a need for immediate support and accessible tools for families now, as the waitlist for help is long.

Creative Journaling for Family Self-Care is a webinar/workshop for parents & those who care for children that explores how to approach using the tool of creativity and journaling with children ages 4 and up. There is no writing required within the framework of Creative Journaling, children and parents are provided an opportunity to connect with their loved one and process feelings they may not have words for.

Supporting children to make sense of their experiences is key to their healing and resilience. 

This is a trauma- informed approach developed by Nicolle Nattrass, author of the new book, Just the Two of Us: A Soft Place for Tender Hearts to Land. 

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About Nicolle Nattrass:

Nicolle Nattrass understands the situation all too well. Her experience as a front-line Addiction Counselor and mother of a child who experienced trauma at a very young age, has given her a unique opportunity to create a tool that is useful and accessible for parents.  She is one of the top experts in the field of Journaling, an Addiction Counselor (CAC II) and the founder of multiple CACCF Approved, Creative Journaling Programs, Courses and Webinars. Solo author of Just the Two of Us and contributing author in four new books, Nicolle is using her expertise to uplift and inspire others to heal using creative journaling as an accessible tool when feelings are too much, and words are not enough.


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