This month is full on but I wanted to drop into your inbox to share another bite-sized tool for your Self-Care. 

Here’s Truth Boost #4

Take charge, be a leader that is respectful and responsible for your own self care. 

Don’t wait for when you have your “vacation time” or your “collapse time” when you have finally crossed all the To Do’s off your list.

Consider adding more rest & reflection opportunities into your daily and/or weekly schedule.

For example:

Can you book 15 minutes in between meetings? 

Do you have 5-15 minutes dedicated to holding space for yourself? 

How do you hold space for you? 

How do you set yourself up for more success?

Would you like more tools for yourself, your clients, employees or organization?

Let’s talk about accessible Mental Wellbeing Programs:

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If you are a parent or caregiver, consider investing in your Self Care time, register here for this Webinar, May 14/2024.