I hope this month is going well for you & I want to share another bite-sized tool for your Self-Care. 

Here’s Truth Boost #3, this tool can be very useful for both your personal and professional self-care. 

Especially when we find ourselves dealing with stressful situations or complex or complicated feelings & thoughts-

4 Step Self Care Check-In Tool

  1. Is what you’re thinking true?
  2. Is it really true?
  3. How am I feeling or acting because of how I am thinking?
  4. How would I feel or act if I changed the thinking around this? 

This tool is an easy, accessible and can be done in 5- 15 minutes,  as a reflective journaling exercise or for quiet contemplation.

Like a mini-tune up for your mind that can connect & inspire you to shift your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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