Anyone can journal right?

This is a common assumption that can cause harmful results.  Journaling has the power to build new neural pathways in our brain increasing neuroplasticity in the brain.

Without guidance, curriculum & a trauma-informed approach, many who journal end up in a circle of feelings and thoughts that are reinforcing neural pathways of more fear, more confusion, stress or grief.

Journaling is still the #1 recommended tool by many, but we need to take into consideration, individual needs or a groups’ needs. There are many factors that need attention, care and monitoring when clients use this tool, journaling is as Lynda Monk, Executive Director of the IAJW once wrote, journaling build intimacy with self, intimacy as in “into-me-see”.

In 2013, I began to design my first Creative Journaling course and became a CACCF Approved Course Provider to ensure a balance of growth & safety but also stabilization and expansion.

Having a trauma-informed guided approach that has been field-tested with clients & groups with positive results is KEY.

Joining my CJ Program with your centre, allows you to provide the foundation for clients to heal their relationship with self.
For example, CJ: The Promises of Recovery Program includes-
  • 2- (60 min) Zoom Consultations, working with Team Leader/Supervisor/Program to adapt to centre and client’s need.
  • 2 – (90 min) Staff trauma-informed Training to facilitate, including Facilitator outlines 
  • 6 modules, trauma-informed Client Curriculum, Color workbooks for Clients
  • Team Consultation support during launch & 30 day follow up
  • Yearly fee option to renew program & retrain staff if needed

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