I am very proud to be a Journal Council Member of the International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW).

My own journaling resources are available for sale on the IAJW website, including my Online course, Creative Journaling for Self- Care that includes coaching as well as my guidebook for parents to work with children, Just the Two of Us, A Parent child Journal.

There are also many complimentary resources on the site & blogposts that are generously written & full of great information, like this one-

How to Journal: Your Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing which can be found here: https://iajw.org/how-to-journal-complete-guide/


You can also find another article “Journaling for Self-Care” that I wrote with some great suggestions.

Self care writing exercises 

The most important thing to keep in mind with your self care journal is to stay present, be compassionate and kind to yourself. Nurturing positive growth and self-awareness is important as well as having some fun too!

Here are a few of my favourite Self care journal ideas~

  • There are many available writing prompts you can choose from available online, simply pick a topic of self-care, find the ones that delight you and print them off. Cut each writing prompt up into strips and place them in a jar or box. Give yourself, one writing prompt to explore on the page. Add stickers, add color or design.
  • Make a list of all the people, places and things that lift you up. Close your eyes and think of the first things that make you smile and write them down. Now, dedicate a page in your journal, to each of those. Find images to match, lettering, glue photos or images. I call this list, a list of Touchstones, that can be powerful reminders to lift you up, on days when you need that extra boost for happiness and enjoyment.
  • Use your scrolls & shares on Facebook to better use, pick an inspirational meme that strikes you and re-create it in your journal.  Let yourself adapt and play with your creative impulses while focusing on a positive, inspirational message.

Enjoyment is a key, if you can find a cozy spot to journal, find a journal that suits you or that you can decorate to make it your own. Spending time with your self care journal is something that you can enjoy and look forward to. You deserve it, no pressure, no rules, just a soft place to land.


Journaling can be a great way to start your Summer