There are many employers & employees who are back at the office or preparing to head back into the workplace environment.  

Workplaces have varied greatly during the past 2 years as well as needs for Self-Care. Needs to stay healthy and active are key as well as being aware of our psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.

Employers lead the way in setting an example for a positive, productive, creative and trauma-informed workplace.

Creative Journaling is an access point for addressing our mental, emotional and spiritual needs building resilience, increasing problem solving and reducing stress.

Building new skills and strengthening your employee team is just one of the many benefits to your workplace.

Recent Clients include: 

Each Webinar is custom-tailored to your workplace whether it be in Health Care, Advanced Education, Social Services etc. 

To book a Webinar, email [email protected] to set up a short consult about the needs of your business or organization. 

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