Truth Boost #5

Holding space is hard work.

~ In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, I want to take a moment to highlight the many who work tirelessly to help, to uplift and hold the space of support for the mental wellbeing and recovery of others. 

Holding space requires such skill in communication, compassion, patience, person-centered focus and a wisdom to discern what the next step may be. 

Drawing from a deep well of self care is needed when holding space as well as being willing to let go of one’s agenda and being open to what is possible in the moment too.

There is a balance to find while holding space- too much brevity or even too much seriousness can impact others’ experience and process. 

Here are some tips to consider when you hold space for others- 

1. Listen

2. Breathe

3. Be Present

4. Don’t Judge

5. Don’t absorb

6. Ground Yourself

7. Be loving and kind

8. Allow them to be vulnerable

9. Allow them to be themselves

10. Don’t try to solve their problems

11. Remember they are the focus, not you

12. Whatever emotions they express are ok

13. Apply boundaries if they attack or blame you

14. Make sure they know you heard them and believe them 

Let’s keep talking about workplace Mental Wellbeing please~

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