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Mamahood: Bursting into Light

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Mamahood: Bursting into LIGHT is a witty and profoundly moving ode to motherhood written & performed by Nicolle Nattrass.

A mother, a playwright, and an actress, Jessie Award-nominated Nicolle Nattrass shares her story with humor. She courageously shares her struggle to be the “PERFECT Mom”, facing being thought of as an “Older Parent”, to confronting the endless choices faced by new mothers, Sleep Deprivation, (did I mention the sleep deprivation?) along with her own post -partum experience.

Mamahood: Bursting into Light – is a 90 minute show (no intermission) followed by a short talk-back with playwright/actor. Minimal set or lighting requirements, sound system required. This show is not suitable for children. Adults only. Strong language and mature content.

SNEAK PEAK PROMO from recent production at UVIC Phoenix Theatre~ Link to facebook-Mamahood: Bursting into Light on Facebook Page


“Mamahood: Bursting into Light is a Must-See for health professionals who see women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Post-partum depression and anxiety are debilitating life-changers that hit women when they expect to be in happy mommy-land. Nattrass’s brilliant one-woman show hits hard and opens the audience to the inner world of deep pain in the midst of heart-aching baby love. As a psychologist who has had clients go through their own post-partum depression journey, I can attest to learning far more from Mamahood than from any textbook I’ve read. I feel better equipped to help my own clients after having seen this excellent theatre piece.”

Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt, Registered Psychologist

“Nattrass is a big-hearted and fearlessly vulnerable performer whose charm is a great strength of this show. Mothers who’ve believed themselves to be alone in falling short of ideals are this show’s natural audience. Nattrass has given them a gift.”

Kathleen Oliver, Theatre Reviewer, The Georgia Straight

“Nicolle Nattrass’s solo show, Mamahood: Bursting Into Light is brilliant. She is a wonderful storyteller and fantastic character actor who nails the serious and comedic characters with ease and gusto. The topic of the realities of being a new mother are rarely talked about on stage or in public and that makes this show not only super entertaining but necessary. You will love the rock n’ roll ride of Mamahood. Do yourself, and everyone mother you know, a favour and go see this show!”

Tracey Erin Smith, Artistic Director of Toronto’s SOULO Theatre Festival

“ In a time when the stigma around mental health issues prevents so many of us from speaking about our experience, she courageously goes on stage and bears her soul. Her journey is like so many stories that I hear from mothers who think they are “the only one”. She is not only breaking down stigma and barriers she is also doing it in a honest, raw, emotional and sometimes hilarious performance. I recommend this play to all new moms, dads, parents, grandparents and anyone who has a “mom”, it validates the experience of motherhood in a way that truly shows the ups and downs as well as the amazing journey that we all embark on when we become parents, she shares with us the joys and the sorrows and ultimately the healing of some of those really difficult parts. You will laugh and you will cry!”

Sheila Duffy, Executive Director, Pacific Post Partum Support Society

“For many women, their child birth story is not what they had hoped for or imagined. Viewing Mamahood: Bursting into Light could offer women (and possibly their supporting partners) an opportunity for reflection, dialogue and healing. Childbirth is a life-changing experience. The play offers women an opportunity to access repressed emotions around their own birth stories in a safe and supportive atmosphere. For many women this could prove to be a cathartic experience. “

Kerri Isham,Certified Sexual Health Educator, Power Up Workshops

“The show was amazing! Nicolle’s story is so many of our stories – that often go untold. I’m still thinking about some of her words because they resonated so deeply. Best of luck with future shows! If you get the opportunity to see this performance, grab a ticket fast!”

Olivia Scobie, Toronto Counselor, Social Worker, Professional Services

So impressed with Nicolle Nattrass’s solo performance today of her play Mamahood: Bursting into Light. Her courageous sharing of her journey into motherhood, the challenges for her and her partner in new parent-land, and her emergence into herself as a mother is inspiring. I particularly appreciated the language she used: trauma, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder. Many women have births they are happy with, many women have births that didn’t go the way they wanted, and some women have births that are experienced as a trauma. WE DON’T TALK ABOUT IT– but we should. We should stop telling mothers “all that matters is a healthy baby” and we should start listening to the experiences new mothers are navigating. And we should bring them more casseroles. Thanks for raising your voice Nicolle!”

Sarah Webber Segal, Certified Doula & Family Support, Journey of Birth.


Nicolle at UVIC 2018 Oct. 10-20/2018

“A beautiful, powerful performance! Thank you to Lesley Clarke and the Nanaimo Women’s Resource Society, Kerri Isham, and to Nicolle Nattrass and her team (because I know a performance like that takes a team). The script and performance were both extremely inspiring and I wish all young women and potential mothers-to-be could see this production as it seems to me to provide such a strong message of prevention. This piece of theatre could save a life.”

“Nicolle Nattrass, your kind, genuine sparkle was so alive in this performance. Though my children are beyond babyhood, sometimes tears came to my eyes as you tenderly reminded me of the fleeting vulnerabilities and joys of pregnancy and early parenting — details that tore me up when I was living them but now, somehow, I’d almost forgotten them. It takes real commitment and passion and inner beauty to do what you do — thank you for bringing your shining light to our community.”

“Thank you for your lovely performance. We were on stage with you, being affirmed in some of those moments and feelings of motherhood where we thought we were the only ones to brush off the blues in front of a health nurse or enduring hospital births and feeling marginalized by (some) health care professionals. Thank you for your excellent talent and amazing show! Loved the music clips and lighting effects. Masterful; you have warmed many hearts.”

“I did not know what to expect from your show tonight, but I was blown away! Your words spoke to so many different parts of me…Mother, Daughter, Friend….inner child, past and present shames…it was beautiful, and funny, heartfelt and so raw….Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful show! I felt truly moved and inspired, I also laughed the whole way through. The time flew by and it felt like we could have talked and shared all night.”

“So good!!! So grateful I went. What an amazing job Nicole did in talking about a hard subject while keeping it funny. Even though I don’t know her, I felt so proud of her.Absolutely wonderful performance. Raw, real and exceptionally funny ”

“I was invited to the run through yesterday and I can tell you it is everything the reviews say about it, and more. It is an extremely witty, well performed play that, even if you aren’t a parent, will resonate with you. There were also the less “funny” moments that reached right in to my soul. As a mom of four and sharing some of the same experiences throughout my life as “Marie” -not just pregnancy and childbirth – this play obviously spoke to me, but, I have to say, there were people there that don’t even have kids that enjoyed the play as much as I did and also connected with the many messages this evokes. My friend who wrote and performs this was invited to bring this to the Soulo Festival in Toronto and I wanted to let you know, if you can, you should go see it!!”


Mamahood Bursting Into Light. UVic Phoenix Theatre Spotlight on Alumni. 2018 Interview with Janis la couvée

Mamahood: Bursting into Light- the theatrical show will be performed as part of the Spotlight on Alumni series, to open the PHOENIX THEATRE’S 2019 SEASON at the University of Victoria Oct. 9- 20/2018

Motherhood gives birth to new drama at Phoenix Theatre, Times Colonist interview with Mike Devlin

A personal triumph for writer/actor, Monday Magazine interview with Rae Porter

Health care professionals get behind Mamahood, The Vancouver Sun interview with Shawn Connor.

Link to page with Audio Lecture: Motherhood Outloud by Dr. Sheila Rabillard, University of Victoria.

“Maternal figures have spoken from the stage in the past: Euripides’ Medea, Shakespeare’s Gertrude, Ibsen’s Nora. Women playwrights, too, since the days of the suffrage movement, have written significant roles for mothers — although often from a daughter’s perspective, and often cautiously. What happens when mothers now speak in their own voices, out and loud?.”
Recorded on Friday, October 12/2018 at the Phoenix Theatre, UVIC.


To help to advocate for Maternal Mental health, consider making a donation to Mamahood’s gofundme campaign to support Nicolle as she carries the message to women from remote Canadian communities to maternal health conferences and larger cities.

Meet Trixie and Chicie

Comedy Duo, Interactive SUPERSTARS

World famous stars

(at least in their own minds)

Celebrity Superstars turned Self-Help Gurus destined to “Shift” your life. The Drama Queens are a brilliant comedy duo. Think “Absolutely Fabulous” meets Daytime TV/ self help/Shopping Channel Network.   World renowned they travel anywhere and everywhere, including the international TV circuit, to share the Drama Queen philosophy and to promote how to do so, with their patented formula called “The Shift”.

This comedy duo is perfect for your Opening act, speaking engagements for your Staff retreat, conference, event and party as walk around/interactive characters performance characters. Guaranteed to bring laughter as they offer life coaching, fashion consultation and share their international super stardom with you.

Left- Nicolle Nattrass as Chicie, Right- Erin Ormond as Trixie

For inquiries about booking the Drama Queens at your next event whether it be a comedy night or corporate event, email us directly. We’ll have our personal assistant get back to you as we offer a variety of comedy material- timed sets and special appearances. Look for us on Facebook but not Twitter…Sorry we don’t tweet- it’s hazardous, breaks too many fingernails.

The Drama Queens have been adapted for film/tv/video written by Nicolle Nattrass and featured on APTN-TV “She Kills Me”, Episode 7.
She Kills Me Promo

About The Drama Queens

Originally inspired by a one act play written by Nicolle Nattrass, original concept with Frannie Sheridan. Dramaturge/Creative Consultant:Florence Ballard.

The play had a developmental workshop in 2009 at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. Special thanks to Drama Queens, Connie McConnell and Erin Ormond for their input and time. Also shout out to Florence Ballard for her support and dramaturgy since the beginning, thank you.The play has not been produced in its entirely, but excerpts from the play, The Drama Queens were performed as part of the Port Theatre’s Random Acts Series in Nanaimo BC, 2010.

From She Kills Me- APTN-TV Episode Photo credit: David Bukach

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