“Mental health support is not a ‘one size fits all’ endeavour.”

The Power of Prevention for Workplace Wellness is the best return of investment, where employees can easily access a 45 min Lunch & Learn online session, that is affordable and accessible that allows them to choose their own level of engagement, without the pressure or intimidation of in person therapies.

When considering the delicate ecosystem of an interpersonal workplace, it’s important to keep in mind the ways that employees’ and employers’ personal struggles can ripple outwards throughout the space. In your workplace, the most powerful tool you have to care for your employees’ mental health is prevention.

Be smart & don’t wait for a crisis.

Practice prevention & build a nurturing and solid foundation to take care of both employers and employees. Crises of mental and emotional wellness don’t happen in an isolated bubble—our environments inform our emotional states and, in turn, we can affect our environments. 

I am excited to lead the way in supporting organizations, companies and leaders through my monthly Creative Journaling: Employee Mental Wellness and Resilience series.

In the last three years that I have taught this program, I have had the joy of witnessing many workplaces develop together, evolving into a secure and rejuvenating space for their employees.

Recent clients include: Department of Fisheries & Oceans (Western Region), Natural Resources Training Group and WestCare (Florida Gulf Coast).  

CJ: Employee Mental Wellness and Resilience Program are custom-designed and offer more than trauma-informed guidance on how to use journaling as a key tool to process stress—every monthly session (45 min) lays the foundation for accessible mental wellness & resilience tools that employees can use directly to improve & address their own professional self-care.

Each monthly session includes:

  • *Mindfulness tools

  • Self Management & problem solving skills

  • Stress Management tool

  • Creative journaling techniques that are designed boost personal & professional self-care

  • Weekly writing prompts for team focus

  • Trauma-informed guidance and monitoring of wellness for staff

*Mindfulness tools can help employees to foster more control for managing stress and develop a stronger sense of calmness, improve concentration and focus.  

 If you are an Employer who recognizes that choosing prevention is a solid investment ensuring future success, book a conversation to find out more here. 

 Below is a mindfulness exercise from CJ: Employee Mental Wellness Monthly Series~  

Use your journal or digital journal to explore your focus~ 

Is there an area or interaction that would benefit more from a more curious mindset?

Where in my work could I benefit from a more curious approach?

When do I need to use more judgement and analysis?

What does curiousity mean to me?  

Where can I exercise more balance between curiousity and judgement?

According to Wikipedia:

Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident in humans and animals. Curiosity is associated with all aspects of human development, from which derives the process of learning and desire to acquire knowledge and skill.