As a Theatre Instructor

Staircase Cafe Theatre, Hamilton Ontario

Nicolle has over 25 years of experience as a workshop facilitator for various individuals, groups, theatres and organizations. For more on theatre, About Nicolle.

A graduate from UVIC’s theatre program in 1991, Acting Specialization. Nicolle has taught theatre since the day she graduated, sharing her skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with all ages. Nicolle worked as Education Co-ordinator for the Chemainus Theatre Festival from 2010-2013 where she helped to launch the Island Savings Discover Theatre workshops, teaching over 140 Grade 4 and Grade 10 Theatre workshops across Vancouver Island. She has worked for numerous theatre companies and schools with a diverse range of ages from elementary school age to high risk teens dealing with concurrent issues to coaching professional actors & writers, to health care professionals and adults in recovery. To request a resume/ Curriculum Vitae for teaching, contact Nicolle directly.

“I wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity in your workshops. Not everyone is willing to share so much. It’s a sign of a good heart, and a true professional.”

“Nicolle was exquisite to work with. She quickly developed report and gained our trust. We were handing over our passion project and she responded with respect, enthusiasm and expertise. Nicolle helped us take the intimacy we created on stage through our honest performance and share it with the audience. Nicolle got into the trenches with us. She bought into the production we brought her and she enabled us to make something that was good, exceptional. Nicolle met each one of us where we were at so she could take us further. Any theatre company would benefit from the workshop experience, and especially with Nicolle. ” Bronwyn Hall Bridge to Broadway Theatre Society, Fort St. John, BC.

“Nicolle was professional, and offered a comfortable and safe atmosphere to learn. Her technique was inspirational and inviting to want to learn. She offered new techniques to practice in rehearsal which I know I will continue to use. It was fun, and educational and I took Ideas, thoughts and practices with me to make me a better actor. I believe this workshop to be a very valuable asset to anyone who gets the opportunity. Thank you Nicolle and Theatre BC” Dennis Szalai, Bridge To Broadway Theatre Society, Fort Saint John, BC.


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April 23/2019~ Workshop facilitator ” Youth Playwrighting” at the Young Author’s Conference (School District 79) at the Chemainus Theatre Festival, Chemainus BC

July 6-8 / 2019~ Workshop Play Instructor & Director for Theatre BC’s 2019 Mainstage Festival in Port Alberni, BC.

Theatre Workshops Available

Custom designed workshops are available for your group or organization. For example, the following workshops are frequently adapted-

INTRO TO PLAY CREATION~ the essential elements of playwrighting


Chief Dan George Theatre, Phoenix Theatre Dept UVIC 2018

Every actor should have three pieces they can do at the drop of a hat on the day you are called for the same day audition. Pieces/monologues you love and are confident doing, no matter what or when.  We will discuss your choices, your strengths, choose new ones, or improve ones you have already. We will discuss the nature of ‘contrast’. You can build auditions that contain complimentary pieces. If your pieces feel tired we can breathe new life into them. If you need new pieces we will find them. Other areas to be investigated: finding the physical, emotional, and verbal freedom to make choices in the presentation of the monologue; courage, boldness, directness; the importance of total preparation; the audition itself and SIMPLICITY. Both pieces will be presented in a mock audition during the last class. Nicolle is available for one on one coaching for Auditions for theatre/film/tv.


Solo Show Performance

This intensive workshop will provide the essentials of what it takes to create, perform and produce a one person show. The workshop will explore the fundamental elements of a solo show as well as providing practical writing exercises to generate material, build stakes in your writing and create dynamic characters. We will explore writing exercises, improvisation, the business of solo shows and tips for marketing and production. My goal is to share all that I know to ignite and inspire your process!

Wear comfortable clothes, bring paper and pens. It is not necessary to have a play – just bring your ideas! This workshop will provide a working space to discover and generate your material for your show. Workshop length can be tailored to suit needs.

“I enjoyed your workshop very much! It really supported me in moving forward with my solo show. I am most thankful. I am more motivated than ever to share my message and story!”


Solo Show In Process Performance

(One day and/or Weekend available. Pre-requisite Solo Show Level I)

Writing solo can be challenging which is why Level II workshop will give you a re-charge, help solidify your solo show and bring you closer to your goal of a production.

The Level II workshop will provide a safe, supportive working environment which will involve sharing your material in a group and/or working in partners, receiving feedback and direction in order to help shape, expand and clarify your material. This is an opportunity to share your developing material in a creative, open and supportive environment.


Black and White

This workshop will introduce you to the business aspects of being a performer. We will review the importance of a resume, headshot, how to write an effective cover letter so you can get a theatre audition, record keeping. We will explore how to combine your artistic talent with an understanding of how to take care of yourself in the business of being an actor, in and out of the audition/callback/rehearsal process. If you want to build a career as a professional actor, this workshop is for you.

Other Workshops Available:


FROM the Page to the Stage~ adapting your ideas into play/stage medium.

Learn more about Nicolle’s Creative Journaling workshops/ courses.