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My heart is full knowing that through my example & training of staff & counselors,  the Creative Journaling: Promises of Recovery Program is launched and reaching clients in treatment in St. Petersburg, Florida!

Through Webinar trainings via Zoom, working closely with WestCare Foundation’s Director, Jean Jones and her team, this 6 Module program, (includes outline, full curriculum and client color workbook) is OFFICIALLY underway!!

WestCare Foundation clients who are in recovery from the opiod crisis will be able to benefit from trained faciliators to explore this powerful and key recovery tool,  Creative Journaling.

Since 2013, I have lead the way using a trauma-informed lens to how we use Journaling with clients, not only in the addiction field but in all areas where Journaling is recommended. Journaling continues to be a recommended modality that is used within a variety of settings and populations. Now, more than ever, it is recognized through research and scientific studies to be powerful, healing and transformative. Creative Journaling has a profound effect on the brain, building resiliency, positive mental health, reducing stress and improving neuroplasticity in the brain that can help cognitive impairments as a result of substance misuse and trauma.

When Counselors receive training on how to use the therapeutic application of Creative Journaling with clients, it sets the foundation for positive outcomes. This is critical, as there are many issues that arise that require knowledge to assist clients, especially when it comes to literacy or other barriers, including school based trauma.

Trauma-informed training is required. 

Interested in launching this program at your centre? 

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