~ I am so honored to hear the news that I am nominated for the 2021 Playwright Guild of Canada, Bra D’Or Award.

(nominated by a phenomenal playwright/actor/artist, visit her to learn more about her work- Melanie Froh-Teichrob)

Sharing Melanie’s beautiful words in nominating me~

“Nicolle Nattrass represents fierce support for women playwrights. As a PGC Member and active in her regional theatre community, Nicolle has proven herself to be a staunch advocate for lifting up the voices of women playwrights. As a director and dramaturg, Nicolle Nattrass offers unwavering support and advocacy for women in the field of theatre. She is highly professional, skilled and nurturing with artists. This is particularly empowering for women in the field of theatre for whom the act of being vulnerable in their art has often led to being dismissed. Nicolle understands the courage it takes to be honest in the face of being undervalued in a male dominated arena. As a playwright herself, she knows the inner strength required to tell authentic stories from a woman’s perspective. She is a risk-taker. Nicolle supports burgeoning playwrights hone their craft. She proudly puts her name by new artists coming up when the industry prefers known entities.

She is a leader, a disrupter, a mentor.

She absolutely deserves to be recognized for her work with women playwrights in Canada.”

Thank you Melanie for your beautiful words & for nominating me. I am honored to be amongst a stellar line-up of nominees, to read all all the nominees, go here.

Vote here if you are a PGC Member.

* Voting for this award is only open to Playwrights Guild of Canada Members.

Wishing you all a beautiful unfolding of this fall season.

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