I am excited to be adapting my CJ: Promises of Recovery Adult Program to be accessible for TEENS (Ages 13 and up).

We need more than ever to uplift and support youth.

This program will guide teens and serve as a foundation and key integration tool to support healing, growth and empowerment.

Journaling is still the #1 recommended tool by many due to its scientific and therapeutic benefits.

We know Journaling works and we need to take its power seriously and offer trauma-informed care for all clients who use it.

Back in 2013,  designed my first CJ course, CJ: Self-Care for the Helping Professional and became a CACCF Approved Course Provider to ensure quality, safety as well as proven results, growth and stabilization for client care.

Having a trauma-informed guide & approach that has been field-tested with clients & groups with positive results is KEY.

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