Please join us, in honor of Mother’s day, over Zoom as playwright, Michael Armstrong (member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada) and myself, share excerpts from current plays we are developing that celebrate and honor the special relationship between parent and child, mothers, sons and daughters.

I am excited to share in a conversation with playwright, actor & director Michael Armstrong and to hear an excerpt of his play, Another Time.

I worked with Michael on its’ early development, first & second draft stage as Dramaturge for a few sessions and was incredibly moved by the process.

Michael’s playwriting is heavily influenced by his poetry and is very much concerned with the role of catharsis in our lives. He will be reading an excerpt from his play, Another Time: a memoire of his mother’s life. Born in Minnesota in 1919, her mother died nine days later. She was raised by her aunt and uncle in a TB Sanatorium and spent most of her life searching and struggling to hold onto a lasting and committed love. 


I will be reading an excerpt of my play, Suddenly 50 which is inspired by, a true story of traveling with both of my aging parents on an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico. Pre-covid of course.  This play currently lives in a solo show format *one person play and is a story about not wanting to write another one person show, reversals and a midlife crisis I did not expect.

Join us for some heart connection through laughter & tears & learn more about the playwriting process.

SUNDAY MAY 9, 2021  – 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern

How to attend-

FREE, no registration required. Click the link below at showtime:


Capacity 100. Latecomers welcome, audience does not appear on screen. Live only – this reading will not be recorded.

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