~In work or in play, how we gather matters. 

Guiding, nurturing and cultivating safe spaces is KEY whether gather in person or virtually.

SAFETY Matters.

Physical safety, psychological safety, cultural safety, workplace safety…

Prioritizing wellbeing early  can have a great impact in the long run on a company, organization or production.

I’m so grateful to continue my professional development as a Mental Health & Trauma-informed Practitioner, having completed Cultivating Safe Spaces, Introduction Course with Elaine Alec and excited for Train the Trainer- Implementing Cultivating Safer Spaces Training.

There are so many different perspectives we need to hold space for, to learn and grow from as well as to approach using a trauma-informed lens. 

Taking the time to be guided through this process is worth the investment.

Let’s book a 30 min conversation this Summer to chat about how to better support, your clients and your organization.

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