My guide, Just the Two of Us (a soft place for tender hearts to land) has now been published and is    available for purchase as a PDF e book.

Just the Two of Us (a soft place to land for tender hearts)

A tender-hearted guide on how to use Creative Journaling as a key recovery tool to help children (age 4 and up) to connect and process stress, anxiety, trauma. A trauma-informed approach to using Creative Journaling as a soft place to land when feelings are too much, and words are not enough.

Just the Two of Us, guidebook is available for purchase via Square Up Shop in the following options~

  •  Just the Two of Us Guidebook only~
  • Just the Two of Us Guide includes 60 min Consultation~
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH Starter Kit~ This “TENDER=HEARTED” Kit  includes Journal, Guide, felt pens & stickers. All you need to get started. Limited time offer only & shipping limitations. to order your TENDER-HEARTED KIT”  inquire via email[email protected]

Thank you to all for your support~ remember, to take care of Tender Hearts, including your own.