Just the Two of Us

(A soft place for tender hearts to land)

Curriculum created & developed by Nicolle Nattrass CAC II

I am excited to announce that a new writing endeavour has begun. A book! An absolutely new venture for me, my first BOOK!

Despite being in the early stages, I have decided due to the world we and our children are in right now with Covid 19, to share a sample Chapter of it, to introduce valuable resources that I hope will be benefit parents, educators and helpers, anyone who is working closely with children (ages 4-12). 

A sample chapter is available as a PDF and delivered via email to your inbox to help children and those who care of them process and encourage positive mental health.

Just the Two of Us will be a tender hearted guide for parents, educators & helping professionals working with children (ages 4-12) for connection using Creative Journaling as a key recovery tool to process trauma, stress and encourage a dialogue when words are too much or not enough.


Copies will be available starting Mother’s Day, May 10/2020 kiss

If you would like to receive a copy, email me at [email protected]

If you feel compelled to or wish to make a Donation to support the completion of this new book, Just the Two of Us,

you can do so by donating to my Square Up shop.