It’s not often that the Prime Minister of Canada is holding a book in his hands that I am a contributing author in…

This moment represents not only so many  years of hard work but also how powerful following a single creative idea or impulse can be.


This is where Art and Health and Social Advocacy meet & can have global impact.


This book was delivered to the Prime Minister of Canada on World Maternal Mental Health Day, May 5th by two amazing mothers who formed the Canadian Perinatal Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.


In 2011, I wrote and performed a one woman play, Mamahood: Bursting into Light, an autobiographical show about my experience becoming a new mother that shed light upon maternal mental health issues like Post-Partum Anxiety and Post Partum- PTSD. This play has also been adapted into a powerful Keynote, Mamahood: A New Frontier.

The work that I do in the world nurtures healing and supports connection, whether it is-


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Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria

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