This is a question that is at the forefront of my mind as 2021 begins…


For a multitude of reasons but primarily because I think no matter what job, the demands on all are different and Covid-19 is having a profound effect on our energy levels, emotional, mental and physical health. 

I am encouraging employers everywhere to be aware of this, that now is a good time to invest in support for increasing well-being for their employees, whether they are full time, part-time or casual. 

Personal & professional development to support Self-Care during this time is key to sustainability and positive outcomes for all.

One of the exercises that I recommend in my courses & workshops with individuals, organizations and centres I call~ Filling Your Bucket-

Think  of water as the fuel you need to keep going and to feel centered. 

Draw a line on the bucket to represent your current level of energy & self-care. 

Where is your energy going? 

How do you feel about where your energy goes?

What fills up your energy in a positive way?

Take a few minutes right now, grab your journal and use these as writing prompts or when you are driving or washing the dishes, take a moment to check in with yourself.  

What’s next?

 If you are an employer who is looking to support your employees during this time or an employee who feels your staff might benefit from Professional and personal self-care boost, my course CJ: Self-Care for the Helping Professional is an ongoing, available resource that can be delivered via email and Zoom, safely.

No writing experience required, this course is ideal for anyone who works in “relationship intense professions” who are needing to support those with any stress, anxiety, worry/ trauma or addiction.


 If you are a CACCF member, this course offers 6 Ceus * certificate issued upon completion to apply to your 40 Hours CEUS requirement per year. To find my CACCF approved course, visit  here.




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