I am excited to launch my program, Creative Journaling: The Promises of Recovery program with WestCare Foundation on June 28/2021.

I am working closely with WestCare’s Trauma Specialist, Jean Jones & her team of counselors, setting up training sessions and the official launch of the program working specifically with women who are recovering from opiod misuse.  Along with complex trauma, issues with cognitive functioning of memory & insight, these women also have numerous health issues usually as a result of neglect of health during their drug use, injury from domestic violence and accidents.  

My program will initially be launched as a 6 week program for women age range 15- 50 year of age who are undergoing treatment at a WestCare facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.

WestCare Foundation  is an incredible organization that is dedicated to ~

“Uplifting the human spirit is a lofty statement for any organization to promote as their objective, especially given the challenging world we live in today. Quality health and human services for individuals, families and communities in need are a priceless resource. With over four decades of experience, WestCare has the necessary expertise to be that resource to the communities we serve.

WestCare, a family of tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, provides a wide spectrum of health and human services in both residential and outpatient environments. Our services include substance abuse and addiction treatment, homeless and runaway shelters, domestic violence treatment and prevention, and mental health programs. These services are available to adults, children, adolescents, and families; we specialize in helping people traditionally considered difficult to treat, such as those who are indigent, have multiple disorders, or are involved with the criminal justice system.”

It fills me with hope that through my program, I can make a difference to help women use Journaling to regain insight, improve cognitive functioning, increase self- care and add tools to handle and process emotions, stress and to ground their recovery in.

I am incredibly grateful to Bob Neri, Chief Clinical Officer at WestCare (View here for a recent interview with Bob Neri) for his time, support and generousity to bring me on board at WestCare. Special thanks to Lynda Monk at International Association of Journal Writing for her recommendation to Bob Neri.

Download/View a Sample from my CJ: The Promises of Recovery here.

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