I am honored to be invited to share my Creative Journaling for Self-Care Webinar Workshop once again with this incredible organization, DEVA.

The DEVA 20-week Online Training Program supports Indigenous women, especially those in remote communities, to realize their own capabilities. Through digital skills training and administrative learning, this program helps them build the confidence to find their own voice.

Through DEVA, each graduate can utilize her new skills to provide for her community and her family.

I will be sharing the benefits of Journaling, not only to reduce stress, improve our mental wellness but also as a tool we can use in business to follow, design and track our own progress. Ultimately, Journaling is Listening within… whether in personal, professional, creative or business – we can all benefit from tuning in more closely to our thoughts, ideas, goals and narration. 

A wise friend shared this statement with me recently-

Narration is navigation.  

Our thoughts, perceptions, ideas are how we narrate and navigate in our work, family, community and world.


If you would like to learn more about DEVA or are looking for a Virtual Admin to help your organization, reach out to Sharon Ann Marshall for a 3o Min Consultation here.

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