Before we close this year, I wanted to share these Christmas offerings for any book & theatre fans in your life~

Just the Two Of UsA soft place for tender hearts to land

 Just the Two of Us is a trauma-informed guide on how to use Creative Journaling as a key recovery tool to help children (ages 4 and up) to connect and process stress, anxiety and trauma in a post-Covid, digitally distracted world. Creative Journaling is a soft place to land when feelings are too much, and words are not enough.

* Hard copy of this book will be available on Amazon in January 2022.

To purchase a digital copy, visit my Square Up-Shop here.


2021 Co-authored Book Publications:

 Transformational Journaling for Therapists, Coaches and Clients: A complete guide to the benefits of personal writing

* Honored to be among the top 50 Journaling experts in the world, Chapter 13- Creative Journaling for Self-Care


You Are Not Alone: An Anthology of perinatal mental health stories from conception to postpartum by the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative

*Contributing Author – featuring part of autobiographical solo show, Mamahood: Bursting into Light

~Theatre Plays:

Digital copies available through the Canadian Play Outlet Copyscript program 

 Into the Roots~

Wilde Holiday Shorts~


 Brownie Points (Boldly going where no Brownie has gone before)