I am thrilled to have a chapter in this new book, along with the top 40 JOURNALING experts in the world.

This book is currently ranking #1 right now on Amazon for new release in non-fiction writing category. You can pre-order it here.

Since 2013, I have been shouting from the rooftop- that when we use the powerful, key stabilization and healing tool of Journaling- we need to do so responsibly and specifically with a trauma-informed approach.

This is essential. Especially to support the mental health of students, children, vulnerable or marginalized populations or groups, who face grief, crisis, stress, mental health issues & addiction.

Support  your group, organization or to support employee professional self-care & expand your knowledge, your Journaling toolkit and your  trauma-informed lens“Safety, Choice, Collaboration, Trustworthiness and Empowerment.”

This month is Maternal Mental Health Month.
In honor of supporting mental health and wellness for families and professionals, I am offering the following 90 Min. Webinars for a limited time only (reg. $500 – $750)  now $399.  Book a Webinar between May 1st- May 20th to receive discount offering.
Click each link below for detailed info.
Creative Journaling for Family Self-Care-
Creative Journaling: Self-Care for the Helping Professional-
Webinars include: Question & Answer period, additonal resources & PDF copy sample of my book, Just the Two of Us.   To book a 30 min consult, email [email protected]


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