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Good afternoon Nicolle. Just wanted to update you on where inspiration from your retreat has taken me.

 First, a little back story. One of my daughters teaches first grade in a rural school. She has 14 students. About 15 miles away, in another small rural school, her former first grade teacher (who has no desire to retire) also teaches 14 first graders. The students became pen pals this year and on occasion, I was the “mailman”. The kids loved getting their letters and writing back and forth.

 In the past month, I thought about those kiddoes and their writing and how to continue the pencil to paper.  Those thoughts simmered a bit and. . .

 I purchased some inexpensive bland journals.  My daughter told me what her students like. . .sports, music, farm animals, fishing, cats, dogs and a multitude of other ideas. And I was on the hunt! I admit I may have gone crazy! I now have four craft boxes with 30 sections each, holding multiple rolls of washi tape with the cutest designs. Then I spent hours covering the nondescript journals, turning them into personal writing spaces.

 My daughter will be giving her students their journals as school ends in a few days. I was able to deliver to the other class and I am sure you can imagine their reaction! We talked for a few minutes about what they might want to write about during their summer break. Trips, swimming lessons, pets were some ideas mentioned. I briefly told them how I wrote in my journal when one of my pets had to be put down and how writing about it made me feel better.

 As I left, a boy chased me down the hall and handed me a note that simply said, “I love you.”  It doesn’t get any better than that. Yes, the note is tucked in my journal. Hope this finds you well.”

Carol A. Perron


Carol was one of the participants who took this new Retreat Workshop, Tapping Into Your Personal Power.
I can’t wait to share another virtual retreat this Summer at the International Association for Journal Writing!
I promise to keep you posted!

Until then, take care of tender hearts (including your own)

~ Nicolle

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