SD 79 Young Authors Conference ~ Online 2021

I am excited to be a Author Presenter & Instructor at the SD 79 (School District 79)

Young Author’s Online ConferenceMay 4/2021. 

I will be joining Grade 5- Grade 7 students in a Zoom session where we will be exploring Playwriting, taking a look at what makes a book different from the medium of theatre.  This will be my 4th time as a Presenter and while it cannot take place as a live workshop at the Chemainus Theatre, I am grateful that we will be able to continue the tradition of each of us, authors sharing an excerpt of our work with the student audience.


John Wilson

Sheryl McFarlane

Rachel Dunstan Muller

Carol Anne Shaw

Teresa Shapansky

Chris Tougas

Sylvia Olsen

Nicolle Nattrass (link to a List of Plays)


I am looking forward to creating a morning session on Playwriting.

I believe that all children have the ability to learn through writing and are capable of producing thought-provoking work.

Arts integration in the classroom not only raises the level of student engagement, but also opens new doors for many students who have difficulty with traditional, rote learning. Those who love to write will discover new outlets for self-expression, and those who have strengths in other subjects, such as math and science, will gain new perspectives on writing.

All students will experience growth as writers and develop skills of analysis and

After all, playwriting is about writing what you know or writing what you
can imagine; this makes it accessible to everyone. Students often view writing as a task,
but playwriting turns it into a creative adventure that ignites imaginations.


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