As you move through daily life this month, whatever you face during this time, pause for a brief moment to notice.


 Ask. Is there a choice I can make to boost my self care of lift me up. Like completing a simple task, listening to your favourite song, going for a walk, calling a friend…

 Engaging in these simple self-care activities is key.  

I have put together a list of self-care suggestions – as a gift to anyone who subscribes to my website, you automatically receive this PDF document.

If you are looking for more guidance, includes coaching call to support your self-care, my   Journaling for Self Care course is onsale here until Jan. 12/2021.

Getting your thoughts and feelings down in a journal can decrease your stress greatly. 

Recently I connected with  Mari McCarthy, author of Journaling for the Health of it  who invited me to write an article about my book Just the Two of Us and how Creative Journaling was a key recovery tool to help our family process a traumatic car accident in 2013

To read the full article about how I began this tender-hearted work,

with my 4 year old son, go here.




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