At long last Theatres are opening up once again!

As many of you know, my professional expertise is grounded in two distinct and unique careers,  in Theatre (BFA Acting Specialization, 1991) and Counselor (Certified Addiction Counselor Level II, 2007)

I am thrilled to be stepping into a new “role” as Adjudicator for Theatre BC’s, 2022 Okanagan Zone festival (May 22- 28/2022) where I will be adjudicating 6 plays, providing a public adjudication as well as closed “Coffee critiques” with the artists, workshopping a new play and also teaching a workshop for actors, specifically on skills needed for Auditioning.

I was recently asked to introduce myself on the website in preparation for the festival and this is what I wrote:


” Be Kind. Those two words resonate with me deeply, not only because of the past 2 years but also as I reflect on my career in the Theatre. To be kind requires collaboration with others for a greater good, an openness and a tenderness, and it feels good to give and receive it. I am honored to be here to give and receive in adjudication and I want to thank you all for your kindness and warm hospitality.”


Kindness matters. I am a big believer in kindness in all our affairs, whether it be business, professional, personal and artistic.

The foundation of my work in the world, whether it be through my own theatre expression as an actor, dramaturge , director and playwright or as founder of Creative Journaling programs designed to uplift & support marginalized youth or adults in recovery from stress, addiction or trauma…is tender-hearted or trauma-informed care.

For more info about my recent work, find my April Newsletter here or for info on Tender-Hearted Revolution Coaching, visit here.