As the New Year, 2021 approaches…

Have you always wanted to explore journaling & time to be creative?

Has journaling been recommended to you for your self care? 

Can you relate to buying journals and not writing in them because you don’t know where or how to start?

If you answered yes to any of those questions.

You are in the right place. Firstly, let me welcome you to a land in a place where there are no rules about right or wrong journaling. Enjoy true freedom to express, engage your natural creative impulses, have fun and all the while, improving your own self care.

Secondly, it is easy. Yes I did say, easy. Life is not easy sometimes, however using our journal for self care, as a soft place to land is meant to feel effortless and enjoyable. 

What is journaling for self care?

Journaling for self care is about taking the time to connect, pause and listen to what your own needs, thoughts, ideas and feelings are. Knowing how to journal for self care helps you to easily identify and address needs, wants, goals and next steps.

Sometimes we need to take time to land on the page before we take those next steps. 

What is creative journaling?

Creative Journaling allows for freedom of expression on the page,  not only to express written words on the page but to expand to more and more creative things for you to write in a journal. 

For example, exploring creative journaling techniques like drawing, using colored felt pens and paint, adding stickers, words and images to the page that meaningfully engage your senses and imagination. Sparking creative self care can bring more joy, beauty, enjoyment into your life. Imagine your journal to be your own creative oasis.

You can read more about Journaling for Self Care in this recent article I wrote here~

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Creative Journaling for Self-Care Course


“I came to the Creative Journaling for Self-Care course at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were being told to shelter in place. I found myself with a lot of anxiety and fear and too much time on my hands for thinking. Nicolle’s engaging and warm style and her gentle encouragement was just what I needed. Her course allowed me to find a place of calm and creativity amid a storm of crazy. In addition, the 30-minute one-on-one session proved to be invaluable – Nicolle urged me to open up to the idea of creating based on images instead of words, and that is not only fun but a welcome relief from all the words around us all the time”
 Robin Briggs, IAJW Member